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BitcoinCash 'Self-Hosted Creators' Highlight/Showcase: Support.Cash

support.cash highlights creators that use the free and open-source self-hosted BitcoinCash publishing software called "Support" by AKARI. Once a self-hosted creator page is set up, we include it for free on support.cash and use your username to link to your self-hosted page.
Since you own and maintain your publishings completely, we do not skim or take any percentage away from the funds you earn. There are no middlemen, it is Direct Peer-2-Peer support platform with Bitcoin Cash.

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Add your publishing to support.cash


Why Publish using Support?

No registration required

No need to register with support.cash - you may download and setup the software on free github pages, or set it up on your own host. You completely own your publishing pages, data, and files!

Payments are direct to you.

Payments are made directly into your own wallet, Peer-2-peer. There is no skimming and no middlemen! We don't take any fees.

Code is FREE & Open-Source

Anyone can fully review the code on github.com and download it for free.

Per-post share links

Easily share your publishings using direct-post share links to yours.org, memo.cash, etc.

Per-post payment address

Add a receiving address for each new post. Set a goal for extra content, and keep track of specific post success.

AKARI supports you

support.cash is maintained by AKARI, a not-for-profit NGO. We will provide to an extent promotion and support for your projects if you need any help.

Publish completely for FREE

To publish 100% for free, you can use protonmail + github combo.

Secure payments

'Support' uses AKARI-PAY, a unique script that secures donation payments using a unique anti-filetampering method.


Customize your publishing pages and posts: Add images, links, profile, banner, vimeo embeds, add links to yours.org, etc.


Maintained by AKARI

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Additions to support.cash are subject to review/prudence, we will not add the following types of pages: illegal, fake, unethical, immoral, low-effort, needlessly vulgar, trolling, racist, violent, inflammatory, controversial, or generally negative or abusive pages.
support.cash has no relation to any other project or group with a similar or same name, any resemblance is unintentional and purely coincidental.